06 May 2014

Top 5 Things to do to get Swimming Pools’ Blue

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The scorching summer months will soon be upon us here in Phoenix. Swimming pools will be in high demand and see their peak usage May – September. That means homeowners need to step up their swimming pool maintenance if they want to keep their pools clear and blue. A pool that has been ignored will have homeowners singing the “swimming pool blues,” especially when the pool turns green overnight. And when that happens, it is an uphill battle to control the problem.

Here are the top 5 things you can do to prevent a green pool, a lot of extra work and extra costs:

1) If you haven’t been using it all year long, start using an algaecide (ammonia-based 49% or 50% ammonia — we recommend Skillit by BioDex). Warm weather adds a necessary ingredient for algae to start growing again in your pool. Nip that growth in the bud with an algaecide.

2) Increase the amount of chlorine you use in the pool. Warm temperatures (and those strong spring winds) increase the amount of evaporation from your pool, including the evaporation of your chemicals. Now is the time to use Tri-Chlor granular 99% chlorine.

3) Test the ph and alkalinity of your pool regularly.

4) Keep it clean. The less dirt and debris algae has to feed on the better, so step up the skimming and brushing on your pool.

5) Clean out your filters regularly. Algae just loves to hide, buried in your filters, so clean them out to deprive it of a food source.