09 Nov 2013

Water overflowing from my swimming pool… what should I do?

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Winter is the season for storms in Phoenix. Historically, we’ve had some whopping rains and Pool People gets calls all the time from clients who are panicked because their swimming pool is overflowing. Happily, this isn’t the disaster it may initially appear.

The shell of the pool meets the pool deck. Both pieces have been poured separately. Within the first year, a big crack develops between the deck and the shell. That’s because the pool shell never moves, while the deck moves all the time in response to temperature changes. That crack is important, because when a pool overflows, the water will drain out through the crack. Where does the water go? It follows to pool shell and is absorbed by the soil around your pool.

In short, there’s no need to panic when your pool overflows. Within 24 hours, that crack will drain your pool. However, if it really bothers you and you have a filter, you can backwash the pool down to the point below the crack.

They next question we at Pool People get is, won’t all the water damage the pool deck? Nope! The reason pool decks crack has nothing to do with water, but how they are installed. Sadly, we see shoddy installation all the time … the slabs are poured too large, the soil wasn’t compacted properly, or the decking wasn’t reinforced with rebar. Faulty installation causes the concrete to react badly to changing weather conditions and that’s when cracks happen.

We’d be happy to answer and questions or concerns you may have about your swimming pool, so please call or come into Pool People in Glendale, Arizona. Pool People provides regular pool and spa cleaning, pool and spa maintenance, pool remodeling, pool and spa repairs, as well as tile cleaning for residents of the Northwest Valley in Phoenix. We also have a fully stocked pool store at 5830 W. Thunderbird Rd., Suite B-6, Glendale, AZ.