30 Aug 2014

Monsoon storms, haboobs, hail … all can dump tons of debris, dust and even little critters that live in raindrops into your swimming pool. The end of the storm season tends to be particularly wild here in the Southwest. After a big storm, we at Pool People recommend using a product known as Shock. It provides a high dose of chlorine very fast to your pool to help combat all the junk that just got dumped in. Shock shouldn’t be used in place of your regular chlorine product, but only as an added measure after storms to help prevent your pool from turning green.

Sadly, not all Shock products are created equal. Some Shock products are as low as 24% chlorine – that means the rest of the packet contains useless fillers like calcium. Calcium can cause cloudiness and will most certainly make the water in your pool harder. It can also leave nasty deposits on the tile of your pool. The harder the water, the more chemicals you need to restore balance. We recommend looking for Shock products that are 99% chlorine.
While we are on the subject of fillers, lots of other chemicals besides Shock are of lower quality. Depending on where you purchase them, chlorine tabs are starting to be made with more and more fillers. Again, the more fillers, the harder the water, the harder the water the more chemicals you need to treat it. So why not purchase high quality pool chemicals in the first place? It’ll save you time and headaches and probably end up costing you about the same amount as low quality chemicals anyway since you have to use more of them to achieve the same result as high quality chemicals.

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