14 Jul 2014

What effect do dust storms have on your swimming pool?

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During Monsoon Season, swimming pool owners in Phoenix have to deal with haboobs — giant dust storms generally caused by outflow winds from thunderstorms that spawn in the mountains. Some of these dust storms can be truly stupendous. In 2011, one monster lasted for several hours and dropped a continuous rain of dust, torn leaves and grass onto the city until it looked very much like a volcano had covered the town in ash.

The debris from haboobs makes swimming pool maintenance extremely difficult. For one thing, all that organic debris is like feeding steroids to the algae in your pool. Unless you treat it immediately, the algae will go crazy and your pool will turn cloudy or go green.

Here are the steps you should take immediately after a dust storm to prevent a cloudy or green pool.
1. Get the debris out! Remove the debris from your pool as quickly as possible. Brush the walls, skim the top, pick up larger chunks off the bottom. Clean your filter baskets frequently until the debris is cleaned up.
2. Check your filter! With that much debris in the pool, your filter must be working properly. You may need to clean it or remove clogs several times while it is dealing with the storm debris.
3. Keep it running. Keep your filter running until the pool is clean. Turn it off too soon and the algae will have time to snack on all that organic matter.
4. Shock it! After a big storm, use granular shock to boost the chlorine levels in your pool.
5. Test your ph and chemical levels and adjust your chemicals accordingly.