30 Nov 2015

What is the winter run time on your swimming pool pump?

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With less use, lower temperature and fewer hours of sunlight, your pool pump doesn’t need to run as much as it does in the summer. That doesn’t mean you can shut it down altogether. The entire volume of your pool should pass through the filters at least once per day (or night), even in the winter. Of course, in warmer temps and with more use, the amount of run time should increase. At Pool People, we tell our clients to run the pump 1 hour for every 10 degrees of water temperature.

Winter doesn’t mean you can get lazy with the pool maintenance either. Neglecting your pool won’t show right now since the colder water prevents the growth of algae. However, the first few warms days of spring and the next thing you know your pool has turned green. Brush down the walls and floor once per week and keep up with the maintenance on your filters, whether they are cartridge, sand or diatomaceous.


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