27 Nov 2013

What should I look for in a swimming pool vacuum hose and head?

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Swimming pool cleaning systems have gotten pretty advanced, but for people without these advanced gadgets, manually vacuuming the bottom of the pool is still a necessity. And even folks with advanced cleaning system sometimes need more help than their normal system, especially after big storms dump debris in their pool. In both cases, a good vacuum hose and vacuum head are critical.

The hookup is simple…. The hose hooks into the skimmer and other end onto the vacuum head. The head is attached to a long pole that allows you to guide the head and vacuum the pool, just like you would vacuum the floor of your home.

Like everything, both hoses and heads come in a wide range of brands and levels of quality. Probably the most important thing to know is that you should select a 1.5 inch hose, which is made for in-ground swimming pools. The cheaper 1.25 inch versions are for above-ground pools. If you get the wrong size, the more powerful pump on an in-ground swimming pool will cause the smaller hose to collapse.

Next, pick the hose made from nylon or rubber. The plastic hoses last for one to maybe two seasons then they start falling apart. Another important factor is to make sure that one end of the hose has a swivel head. This end should attach to the vacuum head, and that way the hose won’t tangle as you move it across the floor of the pool. It will also make the head easier to handle and turn better.

As for vacuum heads, cheap ones are made of plastic and have very little weight in them. If they are too light, you can’t keep them on the floor of the pool (and then what is the point of trying to vacuum if your vacuum floats!).

A good head is made out of nylon or a nylon rubber mix and the wheels aren’t all plastic. You should look for one with neoprene wheels which are good quality, adjustable and have ball bearings in them, rather than shoddy plastic parts. In addition, the handle or hookup should be metal and swivel. Last but not least, you want four or five bars of weight on the head, and choose one that is 14 or 16 inches in size (which allows you to cover more of the pool as you sweep).

There are some really fancy commercial brands (which we at Pool People use) that have a double swivel and are very easy to roll, they vacuum nice … well, everything about them is nice.

If you have questions about vacuum hoses and heads, come into our fully stock store in Glendale, Arizona (5830 W. Thunderbird Rd., Suite B-6). We’ll be happy to help you select the right tools to clean your pool. Pool People also provides regular pool and spa cleaning, pool and spa maintenance, pool remodeling, pool and spa repairs, as well as tile cleaning for residents of the Northwest Valley in Phoenix.