28 May 2013

Which Swimming Pool Filter is Best for My Pool?

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The choice of a swimming pool filter is one that will affect your pocketbook, so it is important to make the choice that is right for you. There are three types of filter systems to consider — sand, diatomaceous earth, or cartridge filters.

Sand Filter
A sand filter is basically a tank filled with silica rinsed sand. Sand filters are generally considered one of the best filtering systems for your swimming pool, not because of clarity, but because of ease of pool maintenance and longevity. There are several types of sand filters — top mounted, side mounted and backwash valve types, all of which are highly effective. Sand filters will last 8 – 10 years if the filter is backwashed regularly (weekly).

Diatomaceous Earth Filter
A diatomaceous earth filter has a tank with eight grids made of a plastic frame and covered with a nylon/plastic cloth. The grids are covered with a filter coating of diatomaceous earth. While this system requires less backwashing, it does require a tank tear down and cleanout at least once, but better twice per year. If the tear down and cleanout is not down regularly, the filter won’t last nearly as long. Generally a full grid replacement is necessary at least once during the life of the filter and replacement costs can run $200 – $350 plus labor depending on the size of the filter. The lifespan of a diatomaceous earth filter is 5-8 years.

Cartridge filters
A cartridge filter is generally a tank that has 1 – 4 paper cylinders or cartridges inside it. While this is the least expensive in upfront costs, the cartridges must be replaces every 1 – 2 years to the tune of $65 – $125 per cartridge, and this cost make them significantly more expensive in the long run than sand filters or diatomaceous earth filters. In addition the cartridges must be cleaned 1 – 2 times per year or more depending on your swimming pool. The expected lifespan of a cartridge filter system is 4-6 years.

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