30 Jul 2014

Why is chemical quality so important during Monsoon Season?

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Monsoon season in Phoenix is an extremely tough time for swimming pool maintenance for many reasons. High temperatures cause water and chemicals to evaporate from the pool very quickly. Dust and wind storms drop debris into pools. And finally, torrential rains can add even more dust and debris to your pool.

That means you need the best quality chemicals in your swimming pool to help combat the elements. In recent years, the pool industry has seen a trend in pool chemicals — and not a good one. Specifically, some manufacturers are adding more fillers to their pool chemicals. More filler means fewer effective chemicals. Fewer chemicals means you are spending more money to try and get enough chemicals in the swimming pool to combat the elements. Another side effect of fillers is that you’ll have to change the water in your pool more frequently as it fills up with useless materials.

Pool People carries a full line of top quality chemicals to help battle the Monsoon storms. Our store is located at 5830 W. Thunderbird Rd., Suite B-6, Glendale, AZ. We also offer full maintenance and repair services.


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